Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The face of Wikileaks

Angel or devil? Since he has shaken the governments of the world with the revelation of secret memos to American diplomats, Julian Assange, Wikileaks's face, provoking hatred or admiration.
Public enemy number 1 in the United States, he was voted Man of the Year by the newspaper Le Monde, which published the diplomatic cables revealed by Wikileaks.

Apostle of transparency, it represents a new information age, that of journalism "scientific", based on the revelation of "data".

Born in 1971 in Australia, Julian Assange is a mysterious figure. The U.S. magazine The New Yorker published a long summer of hacker portrait worthy of a spy novel hero.

Her nomadic life begins at an early age, tells the reporter Raffi Khatchadourian: his mother, a member of a theater, the ride across Australia. Wandering is twice the cult of secrecy when she rebuilt her life with a musician, she has another son.
She separated from her new boyfriend when Julian was 11, and the family back on the road to escape a stepfather, a member of a New Age sect. Children are educated by the mother at home because she does not want their school spirit formats.
Julian discovers the young computer in adolescence and begins to program on a Commodore 64. At 16, he bought a modem and connects to networks before that websites exist.
Married at 18, he became the father of a boy just after, but separates from the mother shortly after.
The computer hacker is: in 1991 he enters the servers of the Canadian group Nortel telecommunications, action for which he is fined by the Australian justice system.
In 2006, he participated in the creation of Wikileaks, which is the public representative. Her face epitomizes this site created and hosted by revelations anonymous.
The philosophy of Wikileaks is to make public secret data to reverse the asymmetry of information. Julian Assange, apostle of transparency, believes that this asymmetry is in favor of states but to the detriment of citizens.
Wikileaks became famous in April with the revelation of a video filming a blunder of the U.S. military in Iraq in 2007.
Wikileaks is the power to further shake the U.S. in late November with the publication of more than 250,000 secret documents of U.S. diplomacy.

Julian Assange, who travels from country to country, was finally arrested in December in England. Within the scope of an international arrest warrant issued by Sweden (for sexual assault or "sex by surprise," depending on the version of the prosecution or defense), Assange was released on bail but his extradition fears United States.
He said he was "very likely" to be killed in jail if extradited across the Atlantic for espionage. Paranoia or Reality? Assange the mystery remains unsolved. Former employees began to criticize his dictatorial side and disappointed Wikileaks announced the launch of OpenLeaks, a site whistleblower transparent and open, including its own operation.

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