Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fitness Plan

Step one: stop eating sugar: mission accomplished! It's been 18 days today. To hold, let me coffee at Starbucks all the fun the two days: either a pumpkin latte or latte mocha-mint ... it's like Eith After that melt in your mouth! It's not too many calories or sugar.

Step two: do yoga 3 times a week minimum: mission accomplished! I do from time to time the evening before going to bed and me and my two colleagues were in fact three mornings a week in hiding in the bathroom paper. Shhhhhhhhhh! And when I do yoga, my pain in the neck and my headaches disappear like magic.

Step three: walk as often as possible. This is the only sport I can do since my accident last May (concussion and whiplash) without pain. Apart from swimming ... but winter, wet hair is not pleasant. So my new goal is to walk from office to my house three times a week ... is 6 miles from the home office.

And as we have a strong winter, I told myself that I should equip myself to survive to 6 km walk at night. So I bought a coat that goes to mid calf down. It's ugly. It looks like a sleeping bag with a vertical hole for the legs. But I hate the cold and want and I demand the comfort first and foremost! So much for the look. Hmm this is not the first sign of aging it to pass comfort before style? Soon I will find myself with Crocs in the feet and a beaver fur hat. NOT. I love animals too. :-)

The Step oven is coming ... it reduces my portions to lose some weight before the holidays. If it continues like this, I will not need to make resolutions at New Year!

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