Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year (Jakarta):

Five main roads in Jakarta will be closed ahead of New Year 2011. The main center of the turn of the year celebration in Jakarta is in a tourist area in Ancol, North Jakarta.

Thus, to anticipate membludaknya visitors Ancol, North Jakarta District Police will conduct the closing and transfer of the current road to Ancol began at about 21:30 pm, Friday 31 December 2010.

According to the Head of Traffic Police of North Jakarta, Santika Adhie Commissioners, plan to close or transfer of traffic is done according to the situation on the ground.

There are three directions to enter Ancol, from the east through RE Regis Road, New Road, Ancol, Ancol Timur, and Toll. While the track midway through Sueb Benjamin Road, Toll Kemayoran, Ancol and Railway Station. From the west via the Lodan, Jalan Gunung Sahari, Jalan Kampung Bandan, and Toll Ancol Barat.

When the door compact Ancol Barat, the closure will be from the bridge Lodan. Vehicles from the Road Lodan will be transferred to Village Bank and the Toll Road West towards the door Ancol Marina.

Meanwhile, if the entrance of the East Ancol compact, then the vehicle from the Toll Road and Benjamin Sueb Kemayoran Beach Carnival diverted through the door.

Ancol New Road area was closed when the vehicle from the Tanjung Priok is very solid. Then the vehicles will be diverted towards Ancol Ancol Jalan Baru South Sertivia to red light, and Benjamin Road Sueb, and fly towards the gate east of White Sand.

When closing the bridge is rocking, the vehicle moved toward the Ancol Jalan Budi Mulya, a red light Mangga Dua Jalan Gunung Sahari, toward a red light and the door east of Diamond Star Ancol. If the door compact Ancol Barat, the traffic light Diamond Star will be closed.

The closing of the traffic light at Diamond Star, the police will remove the vehicles from the road leading to the Ancol Jalan Gunung Sahari to Lodan, Sunda Kelapa Harbour Marina Beach and doors. While the road was transferred to Jalan Gunung Sahari RE Martadinata rocking bridge east to the east and through the door.

New Year Night Around the World

ADELAIDE, Australia |

Colorful fireworks lit up the midnight sky over Sydney Harbour New Year arriving on a dazzling show seen by 1.5 million viewers who camped overnight.

 "Stunning, beautiful," said Cinthya Romo, a 32 year old Chilean living in Sydney and watched the show 12 minutes from the Opera House, where hundreds of people paid $ 500 each for the hearing and a party with beach theme.

 "This has to be the best place to be in the world tonight," said Marc Wilson, 41.

 A few hours earlier, New Zealand and many South Pacific islands were the first nations to welcome 2011.

 New Zealanders sang and danced while waiting for midnight with fireworks and concerts. In Auckland, explosions, red, gold and white decorated the sky above the Sky Tower, while tens of thousands of people shouted and danced in the streets around.

 In the southern city of Christchurch, thousands of celebrants ignored a weak earthquake of magnitude 3.3 was felt shortly before 10 pm and held at the Plaza de la Catedral.

 As the clock hands were approaching midnight, cities across Asia are preparing to celebrate with a series of events, from traditional prayers in Japan to a huge fireworks display as a dragon in Taiwan.

 In New York, is expected to nearly a million people gather in the streets of Times Square to watch the traditional ball drop marks the beginning of the year. The severe winter storm that paralyzed the city seemed to be over, after the city workers swept large amounts of snow and warmer temperatures help melt what was left.

 In South Korea, 100,000 people attended the ceremony of ringing the bell at midnight in downtown Seoul.

 In Japan, it was expected that thousands of people attended the Buddhist temple Zojoji, 600 years old, in downtown Tokyo, to release balloons with notes in which they write their wishes for 2011.

 For their part, the Vietnamese, who in the past paid little attention to the calendar change and instead celebrated the Lunar New Year starting on February 3 will have its first official celebration. In recent years, Western influence has had an impact on young Vietnamese, who remember the war and poverty and are eager to find reasons to celebrate.

 In Beijing, it was expected that about 500 people gathered at the Bell Museum of Antigua for a chance to ring the bell of the new year, about 46 tons.

 In Myanmar, the junta banned fireworks and said it will take stern measures against those who use or sell.

 In Europe, many want to simply forget about the economic problems in a year in which Greece and Ireland needed bailouts and others, like Spain and Portugal, face the fears that follow the same path.

 The Spanish traditionally gather in the main squares of the people to eat twelve grapes, one for each chime that tells the new year.

 In London, thousands will see a performance of music and fireworks at the London Eye tower, 135 meters, while in Paris many filled the Champs Elysees and the area near the Eiffel Tower.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Botanical Garden

Each week we are looking for places, sites, people, restaurants where you can discover a universe, a region, a festival or a country without leaving the European capital.
The botanical garden is one of the most relaxing of Strasbourg under the sun. You can sit among the bamboo, water lilies see or read on the pond in the shade of giant sequoia. For children, you can arrange a visit as a true guide downloading pictures of trees to create a real treasure hunt.
Frequently asked Saint John rides in the Garden on both sides until July 18. For its 597th edition, carousel rides are 2 € except for mechanical rides and extreme.
Parking is free. Bus commute every quarter of an hour from the tram station Jean-Jaurès (crossing station C and D).
Fireworks, fountains in the night for 25 minutes every night is at 22 30 pm and 22 pm in July in August in the basin of Austerlitz. To get closer, take the boat from the Palais Rohan.
For 10 € per adult and 8 € for - 18, boarding at 21 h 15 h 45 July and 20 August for a two-hour trip.

From Arles to zero zero

Arles, Avignon, promoted in the footsteps of Metz and Grenoble 2007-2008 2009-2010, with just one point more (8) to the truce that the two teams this midterm. This is the only team to have changed coaches, Faruk Hadzibegic succeeding Michel Estevan.
GOALS. - 435 goals were scored in 188 games, an average of 2.31.
BOXES. - Lille has specialized in spectacular victories (5-2 and 6-3 at Caen Lorient cons). The successes are the broadest 4-0, occurred five times.
Diarra. - The Disciplinary Committee imposed six games to close Alou Diarra for shoving a referee, what Bordeaux has apologized again.
Lille, leader of attack

      EL-ARABI. - He comes from afar: a reference from the training center of Caen and futsal. His second chance was correct, and the young Moroccan international scored ten goals.
FERNANDEZ. - The coach of Auxerre has passed the milestone of 500 games on a bench in L1 at the 9th day. Jean Fernandez is now at 510 games as coach in the elite, which makes the coach's most capped activity.
GARCIA. - His offensive game at this Losc the best attack (33 goals), and at the end of last season (72 goals) and the fewest defeats (2). He relishes "the magnificent first half of the season we just experienced. Even all of 2010, moreover, that was really positive. "
HAZARD. - An early season followed by a painstaking rise: the Belgian international (19 years) back in time to Lille.
GLOVES. - Rennes has the best defense with only 12 goals conceded.
YELLOW. - 692 yellow cards were distributed, more than 34 per day.
PSG ensures Lyon reassures

      Kombouare. - The tactical change made by coach Paris (tenure of Chantôme Giuly and Armand in central defense), after the spanking Sochaux (3-1), has paid off.
LYON. - OL were buried in late September night of his defeat in the 100th derby against Saint-Etienne (0-1), which made him fall into the relegation zone. He has not lost since, establishing the best unbeaten run (12 games) and coming to a point behind leaders Lille
MARTIN. - Quietly, the Sochaux Marvin Martin (22 years) was installed at the top of the ranking of smugglers (eight assists).
NENE. - With 13 goals, the Brazilian has offset the poor form of Hoarau and Erding and propelled PSG in 2nd place at the truce.
OPERATION. - The Rennais Lemoine, who underwent removal of a kidney, has regained the ground and even awarded an assist on his corner for a few minutes back.
PENALTIES. - 24 penalties were successful and seven failures.
Moussa Sow big deal!

      QATAR. - Rumours of interest from the Qatar returns for PSG. "We talk about equity, not sell the club or change of ownership," said Robin Leproux, without specifying the source of funds.
RED. - 36 red cards were issued, nearly two a day.
SOW. - Lille striker leads the scoring charts with 14 goals.
TRIPLETS. - Four triplets were successful: Sow (Lille) twice Payet (St Etienne) and Modeste (Bordeaux).
Ultimatum. - Claude Puel has survived the MTR decreed by the President of Lyon Jean-Michel Aulas, like Guy Lacombe in Monaco after a surge on the last two games (one draw and one win).
Valbuena. - Now hold in the France team, "Little" has changed in size and is the main satisfaction for the attack of OM, with Andre Ayew.
WENDEL. - Bordeaux scored a goal in hand against Nancy (2-1) by taking a free kick from Plasil, goal validated in confusion by the referee.
"On a bikini swimsuit S XL"

      XL. - "Kandia (Traore) moved from jersey to jersey XL S" blasted his coach to Caen, Franck Dumas, after a clash with the Parisian Jallet in the penalty area, not reported by the referee.
YAHIA. - Defender Lensois accused the assistant referee Lens-Lille, hit by a projectile, making movies, "What the assistant referee stops" Mython. I saw what happened. It only took a wad of paper, used for pre-match tifo, with three chips inside. "
ZERO ZERO. - Twenty-three matches were completed on the score of 0-0, just over 12% of all meetings. The most frequent score was another draw, 1-1 (36 times or 19%).

Fitness Plan

Step one: stop eating sugar: mission accomplished! It's been 18 days today. To hold, let me coffee at Starbucks all the fun the two days: either a pumpkin latte or latte mocha-mint ... it's like Eith After that melt in your mouth! It's not too many calories or sugar.

Step two: do yoga 3 times a week minimum: mission accomplished! I do from time to time the evening before going to bed and me and my two colleagues were in fact three mornings a week in hiding in the bathroom paper. Shhhhhhhhhh! And when I do yoga, my pain in the neck and my headaches disappear like magic.

Step three: walk as often as possible. This is the only sport I can do since my accident last May (concussion and whiplash) without pain. Apart from swimming ... but winter, wet hair is not pleasant. So my new goal is to walk from office to my house three times a week ... is 6 miles from the home office.

And as we have a strong winter, I told myself that I should equip myself to survive to 6 km walk at night. So I bought a coat that goes to mid calf down. It's ugly. It looks like a sleeping bag with a vertical hole for the legs. But I hate the cold and want and I demand the comfort first and foremost! So much for the look. Hmm this is not the first sign of aging it to pass comfort before style? Soon I will find myself with Crocs in the feet and a beaver fur hat. NOT. I love animals too. :-)

The Step oven is coming ... it reduces my portions to lose some weight before the holidays. If it continues like this, I will not need to make resolutions at New Year!

The face of Wikileaks

Angel or devil? Since he has shaken the governments of the world with the revelation of secret memos to American diplomats, Julian Assange, Wikileaks's face, provoking hatred or admiration.
Public enemy number 1 in the United States, he was voted Man of the Year by the newspaper Le Monde, which published the diplomatic cables revealed by Wikileaks.

Apostle of transparency, it represents a new information age, that of journalism "scientific", based on the revelation of "data".

Born in 1971 in Australia, Julian Assange is a mysterious figure. The U.S. magazine The New Yorker published a long summer of hacker portrait worthy of a spy novel hero.

Her nomadic life begins at an early age, tells the reporter Raffi Khatchadourian: his mother, a member of a theater, the ride across Australia. Wandering is twice the cult of secrecy when she rebuilt her life with a musician, she has another son.
She separated from her new boyfriend when Julian was 11, and the family back on the road to escape a stepfather, a member of a New Age sect. Children are educated by the mother at home because she does not want their school spirit formats.
Julian discovers the young computer in adolescence and begins to program on a Commodore 64. At 16, he bought a modem and connects to networks before that websites exist.
Married at 18, he became the father of a boy just after, but separates from the mother shortly after.
The computer hacker is: in 1991 he enters the servers of the Canadian group Nortel telecommunications, action for which he is fined by the Australian justice system.
In 2006, he participated in the creation of Wikileaks, which is the public representative. Her face epitomizes this site created and hosted by revelations anonymous.
The philosophy of Wikileaks is to make public secret data to reverse the asymmetry of information. Julian Assange, apostle of transparency, believes that this asymmetry is in favor of states but to the detriment of citizens.
Wikileaks became famous in April with the revelation of a video filming a blunder of the U.S. military in Iraq in 2007.
Wikileaks is the power to further shake the U.S. in late November with the publication of more than 250,000 secret documents of U.S. diplomacy.

Julian Assange, who travels from country to country, was finally arrested in December in England. Within the scope of an international arrest warrant issued by Sweden (for sexual assault or "sex by surprise," depending on the version of the prosecution or defense), Assange was released on bail but his extradition fears United States.
He said he was "very likely" to be killed in jail if extradited across the Atlantic for espionage. Paranoia or Reality? Assange the mystery remains unsolved. Former employees began to criticize his dictatorial side and disappointed Wikileaks announced the launch of OpenLeaks, a site whistleblower transparent and open, including its own operation.