Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Botanical Garden

Each week we are looking for places, sites, people, restaurants where you can discover a universe, a region, a festival or a country without leaving the European capital.
The botanical garden is one of the most relaxing of Strasbourg under the sun. You can sit among the bamboo, water lilies see or read on the pond in the shade of giant sequoia. For children, you can arrange a visit as a true guide downloading pictures of trees to create a real treasure hunt.
Frequently asked Saint John rides in the Garden on both sides until July 18. For its 597th edition, carousel rides are 2 € except for mechanical rides and extreme.
Parking is free. Bus commute every quarter of an hour from the tram station Jean-Jaur├Ęs (crossing station C and D).
Fireworks, fountains in the night for 25 minutes every night is at 22 30 pm and 22 pm in July in August in the basin of Austerlitz. To get closer, take the boat from the Palais Rohan.
For 10 € per adult and 8 € for - 18, boarding at 21 h 15 h 45 July and 20 August for a two-hour trip.

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