Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year (Jakarta):

Five main roads in Jakarta will be closed ahead of New Year 2011. The main center of the turn of the year celebration in Jakarta is in a tourist area in Ancol, North Jakarta.

Thus, to anticipate membludaknya visitors Ancol, North Jakarta District Police will conduct the closing and transfer of the current road to Ancol began at about 21:30 pm, Friday 31 December 2010.

According to the Head of Traffic Police of North Jakarta, Santika Adhie Commissioners, plan to close or transfer of traffic is done according to the situation on the ground.

There are three directions to enter Ancol, from the east through RE Regis Road, New Road, Ancol, Ancol Timur, and Toll. While the track midway through Sueb Benjamin Road, Toll Kemayoran, Ancol and Railway Station. From the west via the Lodan, Jalan Gunung Sahari, Jalan Kampung Bandan, and Toll Ancol Barat.

When the door compact Ancol Barat, the closure will be from the bridge Lodan. Vehicles from the Road Lodan will be transferred to Village Bank and the Toll Road West towards the door Ancol Marina.

Meanwhile, if the entrance of the East Ancol compact, then the vehicle from the Toll Road and Benjamin Sueb Kemayoran Beach Carnival diverted through the door.

Ancol New Road area was closed when the vehicle from the Tanjung Priok is very solid. Then the vehicles will be diverted towards Ancol Ancol Jalan Baru South Sertivia to red light, and Benjamin Road Sueb, and fly towards the gate east of White Sand.

When closing the bridge is rocking, the vehicle moved toward the Ancol Jalan Budi Mulya, a red light Mangga Dua Jalan Gunung Sahari, toward a red light and the door east of Diamond Star Ancol. If the door compact Ancol Barat, the traffic light Diamond Star will be closed.

The closing of the traffic light at Diamond Star, the police will remove the vehicles from the road leading to the Ancol Jalan Gunung Sahari to Lodan, Sunda Kelapa Harbour Marina Beach and doors. While the road was transferred to Jalan Gunung Sahari RE Martadinata rocking bridge east to the east and through the door.

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